Enrollment for July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 PDF Print E-mail

We are now accepting annual enrollment fees to participate in the 1033 Program from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.  Please read this memo regarding payment options.  The enrollment form for the Program is under the Application tab.  Fill that form out and send it in to be an active participant in the 1033 Program.

Training Seminars for AMPS & RTD & FEPMIS PDF Print E-mail

We are offering a 1033 training seminar on the new screening web sites and the new property accounting web site for the 1033 Program.  This is your chance to walk through the entire registration process with us there to guide you.  We will also be going over how to screen equipment in the new system.

This seminar is free and should last about 2 hours.   Take a look under the seminar tab to get the details and then send us an email to register.

See you soon! 

MRAP Go List PDF Print E-mail
LESO has been informed that they may be some MRAPs coming into the system.  This file has the examples of the MRAPs that could be coming down the pipe.  This file give an example of the type of trailer that would be needed to haul the MRAP if you aren't going to drive it home.  (Let's face it, we live in Wisconsin...most likely these will come into California or Texas, you will need to transport them home.)
If you may be interested in one of these vehicles and you have not all ready filled out the Tactical Vehicle Request Form , please do so and get it sent into us.  Also, please indicate that yes, you are interested in an MRAP. 
RTD Registration PDF Print E-mail

LESO has given the green light for LEAs to finish their registration to be able to screen equipment online.  This registration will be on the RTD web site.

Remember, you need to register in AMPS prior to registering in RTD.  Once both registrations have been completed and approved, you will be able to screen equipment through DRMS again.

Here is some literature from LESO on how to register for RTD.


RTD Reigstration

RTD Registration 2nd half  (because the file is huge!) 

If you have any questions, please let us know.  Keep in mind that this system is new to everyone and there have been quite a few bugs that DRMS has had to work out. 

AMPS Registration PDF Print E-mail

On August 27th, DLA will be launching a new way to request equipment online.

You will need to register in AMPS to be able to continue to procur equipment through the 1033 Program.

 Please read the following 2 documents that give directions on how to register.

1.  Pamphlet titled "New Registration Process to ETID and RTD" - This gives general information

2.  "Public/Non Federal" - This gives directions on how to register for AMPS

 If you have any questions or concerns during this process, please contact us.

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